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Acquisition and processing of hydrographic data are performed by HYPACK® software. This software is used to visualize the data collected, to compare it with older documents (pictures, maps scanned, etc.), to compute the volumes to be dredged, and to export the results in various formats (paper, digital).

NEW - Géopolynésie has now a new partner and can therefore meet topography markets by airborne and/or terrestrial Lidar. Difficult and/or heavily wooded areas can be raised with an accuracy better than 5 cm.

Géopolynésie can rent all the necessary devices to carry out multibeam echosounder surveys and sedimentological surveys.

Major projects achieved

Bathymetric surveys


  • Survey for the future port of Faratea

  • Papeete channel

  • Papeete port docks for updating SHOM charts

  • Yatch docks of the Marina Taina

  • Taapuna channel for a benchmarking study

  • Taoone channel for the installation of a deep cold water pipe extractor

  • Positioning of PGEM Moorea areas

  • Surveys to define a natural risk prevention plan (PPR)

  • Surveys to study water movement in the atolls to optimize the culture of the tahitian black pearl

  • Bathymetric surveys outside French Polynesia : Wallis,Cook Islands, Samoa US, Madagascar, Tonga...


Topographic surveys


  • Airports for Civil Aviation (positioning for the establishment of navigation devices for aircrafts)


Various studies


  • Tidal studies to determine the mean sea level

  • Technical adviser for Moroccan and Tunisian private companies

Tidal measurements are related to bathymetric surveys performed by Géopolynésie.

The topography is also included in HYPACK® and results are provided in both paper and digital formats.


Data export will be adapted to your needs.


Specific studies can also be performed such as :

- Tidal Measurements

- Current Measurements

- Hydrological Measurements

- Swell Studies

Main customers


  • Papeete Harbour

  • Sea Service of French Polynesia equipment

  • Airport Service of French Polynesia equipment department

  • Lighthouses and Beacons Service of Polynesia equipment department

  • Pearl farming department of French Polynesia

  • Polynesian Fisheries Service

  • Polynesia Ifremer

  • IRD (Institute for Research and Development) Polynesia and New Caledonia

  • Environment service of Wallis

  • BRGM

  • Polynesian Urbanism Department

  • OPT of Polynesia


Construction and marine companies 

  • Interoute

  • Boyer construction

  • Bernard travaux publics

  • LTTP (Laboratoire de Travaux Publics de Polynésie)

  • JLPolynésie


  • POS

  • MSE


Engineering offices


  • Best Pacific

  • Groupe WAN



  • SOTOP land surveyor

  • Tropical architecture




  • Pacific Energy

Example of a bathymetric survey performed by Géopolynésie

Example of a mixed bathymetric/topographic survey performed by Géopolynésie

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