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Geopolynésie owns materials to perform different types of work

- A vertical sounder (monobeam) EA 400 SP.

- A NORBITT multi-beam sounder (SMF)

- A Sub Bottom Profiler sounder 'INNOMAR sediment sounder' which allows a maximum penetration in the ground of 40m.


- A laser leveling Leica Zeiss NAK 2

- A theodolite total station Trimble 3600

- A sidescan sonar Yellowfin model 872

- A sidescan Sonar Tritech

- A current meter RDI 0-80 meters with wave sensor

- Two GPS receivers Trimble R5700 and R5800


- Two GPS receivers R7 and R8 that provide access to highly urbanized areas or dense vegetation.




SMF Norbitt

Drone Phantom 4 Pro

Drone Phantom 4 pro

- Un drone Phantom 4 Pro

- Une vedette hydrographique "TONGA SOA"

- Un kayak instrumenté

- Survey International peut se projeter sur n'importe quelle bateau d'opportunité, d'une planche de paddle au gros navire


magnetometre SEASPY

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