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International company of hydrography and topography


Batymetric surveys, topographic surveys, tidal measurements, current measurements, hydrologic measurements and swell studies ...




Single beam echosounders, side-scan sonars, GPS receivers, theodolite, total station, current meter ...

Hydrographic and topographic company, Géopolynésie was created in 2005 in French Polynesia by Christian Friot, surveyor Class B (FIG-IHO-ICA) formed by SHOM and member of the AFHy, the French association of hydrography, member of the CMPF the Marine Cluester of French Polynesia and member of MSF Sailor without borders.

  Only private company in French Polynesia with surveys validated by SHOM, Géopolynésie has already built a solid reputation of quality for executing and drafting.


 Through efficient equipment (geodetic GPS, theodolites, SBES Simrad EA400 S, adapted software) Géopolynésie can answer all requests for works, both maritime and terrestrial.


  Géopolynésie is able to carry out its missions anywhere in the world and also has an antenna based on the Reunion Island and named HOT Int.

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